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Friday, 21-Mar-2008 13:50 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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Went to the beach with my family and took a few pictures of the ocean. But I used BenQ digital camera, because I left my Nikon D70 at my house. Damn. But did a little adjustment on the pictures. Turned out okay. But the beach, lawa sangat (:

Friday, 14-Mar-2008 13:16 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Couple photoshoots

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Today, I went out with Nad and Fazz. Our usual lepak place, KLCC. Laa, mana lagi kan. Haha. They have good chemistry! SO COMEL, LIKE AWWWW (:

Sunday, 9-Mar-2008 13:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Girls Day Out (:

Model: Nadzirah
Starbucks Coffee [1]
Model: Nadzirah
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I had Girls Day Out with Nad, Kak Fara and Emma. It was tiring because I met them at KLCC then we walked to Pavilion. Dekat je. We had our lunch at Serambi Cafe, and off we went to Pavilion to take pictures. We mainly took pics at Coffee Bean sebab Starbucks mcm *toot* ramai. Grrr After that, we went back to KLCC. Gila kan? Oh well, boleh kurus camni We took pics at the Taman, and went to Starbucks. Weee! While we were lepak-ing at Starbucks, we saw a matsalleh father and a son lavishing each other. Awww, cam comel gila okay! Then that matsalleh father asked for Kak Fara's number seh. Gila best. Haha. Then I went inside KLCC with Nad and randomly took pics in front of FCUK shop. Memang tk tahu malu Our last destination was Avenue K. Makan sikit dkt Burger King then went up to the third floor, kot. We took pics lagi. Haha. Then balik!!! (:

So these are the pics!


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